MMDVM Connectivity

In order to connect your MMDVD-based hotspot to our MMDVM Server, here is the information you will require:

Configuration Option Value
Port: 62030
Password: 1nd1anaDMR


Available talkgroups are:

(Green indicates a Full-Time TG and Red indicates a PTT-Activated TG)

TG Name TG Number
Hotspot Local 2
Parrot 9990
Crossroads 8710
IN Statewide 3118
Grant ARC79 8714


Please do not use this information to connect an actual MMDVM repeater.  If that is what you’re looking to do, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you with a custom/separate setup.

At this time, scalability is still being determined.  Initial information seems to indicate that the current setup can handle 22 simultaneous connections.

Also please note that due to conflicts with the openSpot’s internal TG announcement feature, we’ve had to adjust certain TG numbers from what you would find on our c-Bridge-based repeaters.